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Paxos REAL ESTATE of Katerina Vrachoriti. It is based on Gaios’ harbor- on the sea side road few meters after the main square.

The firm with modern methods, invests in experience that combine tradition with progress and offers the fastest polices services for selling and buying property. On our real estate portfolio will find a variety of properties.

Through the friendly face and a modern operating real estate market in our region, we provide prompt and adequate information to our customers, hoping to develop friendly relations with clients who contact with us.

The main areas of activity of our office, is the market of lands and houses' sales. With your help we have created a database containing a wide customer base in real estate for every need and budget.

Our aim is to provide the services that can relieve you from the complicated procedures' purchase. We can help you with the minimum cost in the real time and money to achieve your goals.

We can take over the construction or the renovation of your home. We offer all the services you need for your place ( stones' or bricks' construction,electrical, plumbing and carpentry,tiling) to save money and time. Our aim is to provide accurate and honest information to our clients and a service which represents both the purchaser and the vendor on a fair and legal basis.

Planning engineers are available to supply advices about each property informing us about the project and its cost. After your demand, with our help, after a marketing research amongst the experienced houses' constractors and amongst some trustful & experienced indepedent builders' teams, you can choose the best cost/benefit in offer for building your house !

Even you are absent, during the construction or renovation progress, we can manage the project and with pleasure we will be supplying you with information, providing you often updates via e-mails with progress reports and digital images.

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    Apart of the service of PAXOS Real Estate Agency, we can help you on finding your holiday accommodation. or to have a boat rental !
    You can see our properties, Villas with sea view, studios & apartments in our ownership, at the best price in a very good cost/benefit relation!
    For more info you can visit our site:

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