Gaios suburbs
Listing Type: OLD HOUSES
Price : 260000.00 €
Sq.Meters : 1090
Prop sqmet : 120

A spacious house having in total four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two kitchens, dining/living room area. The major part of the house is the traditional old Paxiot stone house. This independent house offers a fantastic opportunity to acquire a large property within walking distance of Gaios at a really good cost benefit/ relation The house measures 120 sq.meters and is consisted of three bedrooms, one bathroom and an open plan kitchen/dining & living room area- There is one more studio connected with the house, consisted of an open plan kitchen/bedroom and a small bathroom. Just in front of the house is laying a small swimming pool. There is a really picturesque and well kept garden, festooned of flowers ,olive trees, lemon and orange trees as well. Its price is negotiable.

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