Listing Type: PLOTS
Price : 80000.00 €
Sq.Meters : 2424
Prop sqmet : 258

Legend has it that the Greek god Poseidon created the Ionian gem which is today the island of Paxos in an attempt to craft a secluded paradise for his love Aphrodite. He succeeded. We’d like to present you with an opportunity that reflects the mythology of this island. We are after a potential customer that is willing to take some risks in order to acquire their own personal dream of beauty and privacy as well as a great investment asset. It is not a long term offer as time is unfortunately running out…and so are the opportunities to secure a plot like ours again. In the year 2011, in an effort to preserve the Mediterranean flora as well as maintaining the character of small islands, a law has been passed to redefine the concept of a buildable plot. It is now allowable to build in Paxos only on a minimum of 10,000 sq meters up to a 200 sq meter house with the exception of a few special plots. There are in fact a closed number of them that were granted the last building permissions for a 2,000 sq meter size property (with set building plans). The one we are proposing is just one amongst them, but it is peculiar in the sense that the plans for the house(s) were very well thought out as it was meant to be built by the owner herself in the hopes of materializing her own private dream.

PROPERTY DETAILS: -2,424 square meters of land -Building permission for a 160 sq meter stone-built villa + 50 sq meter pool+ patio+ about 100 cubic liters water cistern/shared by both houses+ 16 sq meter underground storage room/shared by both houses+ biological sewage tank/shared by both houses -Building permission for an independent 40 sq meter stone cottage+ second 40 sq meter pool+ patio -2 years left on building permission (basements + skeletons + roof + pools excavations +water cistern to be completed only- to satisfy the permit requirements) - Old-fashioned stone village houses architecture (plans for the houses cannot be modified) -absolute privacy (no neighbors, located on the hill side of a valley at the outskirt of a village, completely immersed in a Mediterranean oasis setting/olive groves) -5 minute walk to the beautiful Avlaki beach ( about 500 meters) -existent road access to the plot with its end leading direct to the beach -lots of tranquility and silence. PROPERTY INVESTMENT KEY POINTS: PRICE: 80.000 euros ( 28.000 euros worth of building permission included)ESTIMATED INVESTEMENT RETURN RATE(rental): 40.000 euros/year

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